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Frequency (crystal/saw) Products
Wide range of products which are based on crystal and SAW technologies. This includes Crystals, Clock Oscillator, Voltage Control Oscillator, Temperature and Oven Controlled Oscillators, filters, & resonators, and timing modules in variety of packages, accuracies and stabilities for different segments of the market
Optical Devices Active
We provide variety of Active Optical devices & modules as building blocks for the fiber optics based transmission systems like: Laser Diodes (include tunable and pump), Pin & LE Diodes, Laser Drivers & Controllers, Receivers, Transmitters, Transceivers, Transponders, EDFA Amplifiers & Gain Blocks
Optical Devices Passive
From Optical Connectors, Patch Cords & Patch Panels, through Filters,Couplers, Combiners, Splitters, Muxes, Demuxes, OADMs, Attenuators (includes fix and variable), Switches, Circulators, to high complex integrated module in Fused, TFF, AWG, Brag, MEMS, and mixed technologies
Semiconductor Products
We provide all kind of standard Semiconductor Products, Custom & ASICs, Mixed Analog / Digital, High Speed & RF, Optical &Fiber Optics , as well as variety discrete components, for telecommunication, fiber optics, etc in CMOS, BICMOS, SiGe, and Laser technologies
Variety of connectors Board to Board, Wire to Board, Power Connector, Surface Mount, Custom products, Data Mate High Rel, Loose board sockets, Telecommunication connector, Fiber Optics connectors, patch cords and patch panels, Back plane (soft and hard matrix), 2mm, Hardware & accessories
Transformers & Magnetic
All kind of transformers, Inductors, coils and magnetic products standard & custom according to customer specifications, for Power Supply Audio and data Telecommunication, RF and Communication for variety of applications like impedance match, interface, filters, delay lines and isolation
Reed Relays & Dry Reed Switches
Wide range of reed relays and dry reed switches for a variety of applications like: Automatic Test Equipment, Data Acquisition, Instrumentation, Process Control, Telecommunications, Medical and Security. The reed relays and switches are encapsulated in variety of packages, size and shapes, for the SMD and PTH assembly.
Displays & Keypads
We provide variety of LCD Panels & Modules, Graphic and Dot Matrix in variety of technologies. We have variety of standard products as well as tailored according to the customers needs and requirements, with wide temperature range, view angle, colors, shapes, and sizes. We also carry silicon keypads according to customer drawings
Power Supplies & Converters
Variety of Power Supplies, DC/DC, AC/DC converters, and Power modules. We carry power supplies and converters for Single, Double, and Multiple Outputs in wide range of output voltages & ,power in variety sizes and enclosures. We supply the modules as standard or custom
Printed Circuit Boards
PCB We provide PCB from the design & engineering stage to the finish PCB. We supply single, double and multi layers PCBs in different shapes, sizes, thickness, materials, finishes, and technologies for a variety of applications like the back planes, telecommunication RF & high speed
Back Plane
Design from specs to complete product includes PCB, Back Plane & Casing Design. Provide variety of sizes and forms of Back Planes as well as Full Turnkey Includes sub-racks & Cables for telecommunication & industrial applications, high frequency & controlled impedance, custom & standard
EMS - Full Turnkey Solution
Electronic manufacturing services, full turn key, Local support for engineering services, from Design to a complete turn key product (Include DFM, DFT), NPI, PCB Assembly, box building, material management, metal & plastic, testing and packing up to the final customer.Variety technologies and wide manufacturing capability
Enclosures & Full Integration
Full service from design through NPI and prototyping up to the full integration solution. Mechanical components, mechanical and electro mechanical assembly, electronic enclosure assembly, cabinets & racks, cables, & harnesses, power distribution and thermal management, testing & full integration, box build and drop shipment.
ASIC & Foundry Services
Design support & analysis of ASICs in variety of technologies & processes CMOS, BICOMS, SiGe. Provide design tools & libraries of large range of cells, foundry engineering, Spice modeling, MPW services, mask shop, wafer manufacturing, testing & packaging
Design Support & Analysis
We provide services for ASIC Design of mixed Analog & Digital, RF, high speed, high voltage, PCB & back plane, full system design, Transfer from design to production, design verification, worst case design & analysis, MTBF Analysis, Spice Models, Design tools & libraries
Test Equipment
Fiber Optics Testers for fiber optics communication. All kinds of test instruments for losses, power, attenuation, and analysis. We support wide power range for sensitivity and variety of wave lengths for test and evaluation of system design, equipment and infrastructure

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