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Design and Engineering Support
Design Rule Check
Counselling Service
Prototypes, Samples, Mass Production

Single Layer, Double & Multi-Layers (over 40 layers)
Rigid, Flex & Mixed Multi-Layers Rigid / Flex
Variety of Sizes and Shapes
Special Technologies
Variety of Finishes:Hot Air Solder Levelling, Sn/ Pb reflowed, Passivated copper surfaces
 Ni/ Au galvanic, Ni chemical/ immersion Au, bondable and solderable
 Ni chemical/ Pd/ Au in various layups
 Pd chemical/ immersion Au, Au wire bondable and solderable
 Sn chemical, Carbon printing, Solder paste (reflowed), Protective resist
Variety of Material:FR2-5, CEM1,3, Aramid/Epoxid/CE, Epoxid-Material
 BT-Hoch TG, Gore-Ply (Epoxid/CE), Halogenfreie Epoxid-Material
 Polyimid-Glas, Polyimid Flex

Complex & Dense Boards
High Aspect Ratio
Laser and Plasma micro via, blind via, buried via
Controlled Impedance & Process

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